Caught! Red Handed … what about you?

It’s Sunday afternoon, the snow is falling outside (in late April, oh boy!) and I’m contemplating what my 2nd ever blog post should be about? There’s so much that could be shared, but the trick is making interesting. Maybe that’s why I haven’t posted in three weeks … a case of ‘blog fright’!

Oh here we go, this is interesting … Super Web 2.0 expert Walter Schwabe talks about twitter as a ‘narcissism machine‘, where we get to flex and share our ego in an instant, done through ‘status updates’, etc.

I wasn’t even aware of this until I read Walter’s Blog … and the verdict is – I’m absolutely red handed! You got me Walter and exposed the fact that yes, I’m the guy who is ‘status update happy’ on facebook & enjoys giving the ‘thumbs up’ on other people’s status. You got me …

So I ponder … how self indulgent is a Blog? It takes more time to compose, but does that just make my case of narcissism worse? Should I be writing under a pseudonym? Hide from the police? Move to a deserted island, where they don’t have interent, to break the habit?

Whatever the answer is … this is way to much fun!

What about you … how do you relate to this? Possibly need to move to the deserted island too? haha.



P.S. A simple way to stay in touch w/ my Blog is joining my Facebook group here & I’ll send you a quick message when I have a new post. This is also very snazzy & easy way to stay in touch, all on your time:

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  1. Hi Kyle . . . it’s so easy to be self-indulgent with either a blog or twitter or facebook or . . . well pretty much any social media tool. That’s okay . . . how else will anyone get to know about us. I’m glad you’re blogging . . . I’ll subscribe via Google Reader.

    Talk with you later . . .

    Dean Owen

  2. Kyle, my ego says thank-you for the mention. There is a large difference between blogging for ego and attention getting noise and blogging to educate, share value and inspire. Keep up the self-exploration and be careful with the whole “super-expert” thing…:) Just a blogger who’s post you appreciated is cool.

    • Thanks for the post Walter. Hear you loud and clear. Keep being super! Cheers, Kyle

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