Kyle what are you doing now?

Kyle what are you doing now?

That’s a fair question. One I get more then once a week … the reality is I’m doing a number of things … in fact projects and interests that stretch into completely different industries. Lately I’ve been answering with “talking to people”, which is pretty much what I do now … it’s much fun, keeps me on my toes and engaged.

In terms of something I can share, that’s concrete … this is what “I’m doing now”: I’m collaborating with a woman (Ariel Hyatt) out of New York, who has worked with 1400 artists in the last 12 years in PR (I’m not drunk … that number is actually accurate).

All the impressive stats and glitz of New York aside, I’m excited to help Canadian artists navigate the complexities of the online world … and not only navigate them but take advantage of the opportunities found within Web 2.0 & social networking sites.

I truly believe that if you want to create something … including a career in the music industry it’s completely possible. Something like what Ariel has created for artists, has leverage and generates results. Naturally, I wouldn’t be working with her if I didn’t believe it wasn’t any good.

I’ve sat down with a few artists in the last few weeks regarding Cyber PR (our online campaign for artists) and it’s been really interesting to see how little I have to say. The program seems to be just as strong in the eyes of the artist, as it is in mine. It’s fun to share something that has that much obvious value. Powerful stuff!

Here’s an artist that used Cyber PR and loved it:

Ariel has incomparable reach. Less than one month into my campaign, I’ve already been played around the world, in Australia, England, the US, the Netherlands, and more. I’ve already come across in-depth reviews of my debut album from widely-distributed bloggers to which I would otherwise have no contact. No effort is wasted, and I can follow the campaign, in detail, in real time. It’s incredible, and it’s working.”

– Trey Green

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P.S. I really want to blog some more … this can get so captivating for me!! At some point I’d like to share two concepts that I feel are so huge 1) reaching out, i.e. asking for help when in need (people love to help other people) 2) The “what can I do for you approach” … this is powerful and 180 degrees different from the other approach of “what can you do for me”.


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  1. Thanks for answering a question I have long been pondering…

    • Haha, you’re welcome Farah!

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