How to write a captivating email for booking shows …

Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get a solid response from a venue?

Well the reality is venues do, what venues do … and we can’t control that. We can control our approach & the strength of our communication. Here’s an example of an powerful & professional email. Marlon Wilson who books for Politic Live sent this to a talent buyer and cc’ed me (b/c I have a relationship with the venue he’s approaching).

Note: out of respect to the venue I’ve disguised the talent buyer, venue & city.

Here’s a copy of his email …


Subject: Edmonton Band “Politic Live” & (Your Venue)

Hi (Talent Buyer),

My name is Marlon Wilson.  I am a colleague of Kyle McNeil from Kmax Entertainment and former manager of Edmonton’s Smoothride.  I myself manage an Edmonton hip-hop/reggae group called Politic Live – who recently did a 14 date tour of Western Canada as an opener for 2009 Juno Nominee DL Incognito and 3X Juno Award Winner Red-1 of the Rascalz.  While not their first tour, it was their first ever as an opener for such celebrated artists.

This coming summer Politic Live are hoping to line up some shows both in the primary and tertiary markets of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  The tour is set up around the last week of July and the first week of August.  Dates confirmed so far include Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, and Winnipeg.  Politic Live would love to include (insert city name) in our routing, hence my e-mail.  Should the timing on this tour not work with your schedule, Politic Live is more than happy to set up a show at a later time – be it this summer or in the near future.

Please take a look at the Politic Live MySpace page to check out their music.  Below I have included a brief bio on the group as well.


Marlon Wilson

• Politic Live’s last album Adaptation placed #17 on Earshot’s Top 20 Hip-Hop Albums of 2007. Adaptation spent 10 weeks on the National Campus Radio Hip-Hop Charts where it peaked at #2.
• 2007 Western Canadian Music Award Nominee for OUTSTANDING URBAN MUSIC RECORDING.
• Nominated for a 2007 CBC Radio 3 Bucky Award for BEST RAP RECORDING.
• Politic Live has performed at nationally recognized Festival like Canadian Music Week (Toronto), New Music West (Vancouver), and the Western Canadian Music Awards (Winnipeg).
• To date Politic Live have had 4 music videos in rotation at Much Music.

Marlon did a few things that literally made me say out loud “wow, great email Marlon”!

1) Marlon used his relationship with me to create association. The talent buyer knows who I am and was pleased with Smoothride’s performance (the band I used to manage) when they played his venue. In this instance, “guilty by association” played out in a positive way. This also turned Marlon’s emailinto a warm approach, which is much easier than a cold approach.

2) Marlon demonstrated his group actually plays shows & is established. Specifically he did this in mentioning a recent 14 date tour. It’s important to show you’ve played shows … even better if you can mentioned subtly. He’s almost saying it in a passive type of way, like: “this happens all the time”, which is exactly what talent buyer’s want (experienced & capable acts).

3) He also alluded to opening for a 3x Juno Award winner, which is known as borrowing credibility. This happens all the time with reviews, testimonials & producers. For instance if a well known music journalist gives you a great review and you put it in your email signature line, in your press kit … you are “borrowing the credibility of the music journalist, so that you can get more press, win more fans, etc.

4) And lastly, his email was succinct and very much to the point. Talent buyer’s don’t have much time and it’s important to make their job as easy as possible, especially if you want to play their venue.

There’s a few tips on writing a great email to venues.

I hope this helps you!


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