A thought or two – Be The Change

This was a note I posted to facebook in February 2009 , before I started blogging … and it’s something I wanted to archive on my blog …


Be the change you want to see in the world …

* Did you notice that Fall 2008 was a crazy time?

In October Canada went to the polls and the USA did the same in November. In late November all of this news worthy activity was trumped by talks of a coalition government.

As you’ll recall, this triggered a massive amount of conversation throughout Canada … as much as we’ve seen in years!!

* Pausing briefly …

In October 2008 I spent time in San Francisco, a city that for years has been the core of political activism in the USA. It was remarkable, you’d hop a cable car and some guy would blitz by outside yelling “vote no for prop B”. There were all kinds posters and people flying around supporting their various messages (gay marriage, health care, etc.). Local businesses had cardboard cut outs of Barrack Obama at their front door. Buying political merchandise from street vendors was also available!

Previously I’d only seen this in Forest Gump, haha!

* Back to Canada …

The coalition government was a legitimate concern and I’m happy it generated much discussion. But, was that just a flash in the pan for Canadians involvement in politics? Will we learn something from the Obama campaign and the overall American approach of getting involved & active?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


* Something I’d never done …

As you can likely tell … I do have an opinion (very insightful of you!). In fact I was so unimpressed with our government that I wrote an email to my Member of Parliament. His assistant wrote back and we scheduled a time for me to meet with Mr. Brent Rathgeber, the Conservative MP for St. Albert.

I’d never done anything like this before, but this new experience was worth it. These are the five most interesting things that came from it:

1) Being 26 years old, puts me right in the middle of the 20-30 demographic that is seldom heard from. As a result Brent was quite intrigued to hear my perspectives on a variety of topics. He even started writing down things I mentioned, so that he could look into them.

2) Brent knows the bulk of their party support comes from Canadians 40-60 years of age who have money & own businesses. He said these people have, “reached a point, where they’re not as concerned about saving the world … they’re more concerned about retirement”. He also shared that when our generation (20-30) reaches 40 plus years … his party is in trouble unless they change their ways, specifically as it relates to the environment, b/c there’s a major shift happening there.

3) It was very easy to meet with my MP … they’re normal people too us and really want to hear from their constituents (it’s part of their job). All together I spent 3 hours writing an email, coordinating a meeting time and meeting with my MP … EASY, haha.

4) When I left, it was an incredible feeling … the ability to push for positive change. It was also relieving to be a Canadian that spoke to someone that has the ability to create change (no matter how well your dog listens, ‘Butch’ can’t make those decisions). It’s difficult to describe that feeling, but I do know it felt incredible!!

5) Although I didn’t agree with my MP any more or less than when I came in, I had a greater degree of understanding for what they’re dealing with. It’s a very dynamic role they take on daily.


* Something to think about …

Do you feel strongly about something? Something you’ve wanted to share for days, months and/or years? If so, writing your councillor, MLA, MP … or whomever has decision making power, is a great way to find resolution (or at least to be heard).

We all have the power to shape our society for the better (and worse if you choose). Talking to those who are there to not only listen (politicians), but institute change is where it starts. If they don’t deliver, we can look at ways to make things happen. An interesting example of an organization in the USA doing exactly that is here … http://pol.moveon.org/sixmonths/?rc=homepage

As Ghandi once said, “be the change you want to see in the world”.


P.S. If you 1) feel strong about something and 2) want to do something about it, but haven’t … I’m willing to brainstorm ideas with you to start that. Additionally, if you’re looking for someone to keep you accountable in whatever form, I can help there too. Just send me a message … as long as what you’re wanting to accomplish is moral, ethical & legal I’m fully onboard to help you!

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