Does Everest Exist? Sure … build a map!

In the past I’ve been drawn to certainty and knowing “what’s next”. For me there has been a certain comfort is found in this place. That said, it’s time to take life from another angle. Taking more chances and risking … going for it!

This week over some herbal tea @ a cafe near Whyte Avenue, Mark Anielski (author, public speaker, economist & thought leader) shared something that was very profound. I was checking with Mark’s experiences regarding this whole vision and “taking action” thing . So I inquired by saying, “Mark, I’m 26 years old; I’ve got all these ideas and vision … how do I draw a line from here to where I want to go”?

Loosely paraphrased he responded, “Kyle we are map makers and just because we can’t see Mt. Everest doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, the path presents itself as we walk it.” With that in mind, what I got from his reply is to … build the map as I grow – go for it – and TRUST.


In relation to this, today my email inbox courtesy of had this message …

Activationist: A person that takes action NOW and follows-through. They get things done NOW, which gives them confidence to do more, which earns them more and more money, and continuously builds their inner-security.

Passivationist: They postpone things until they have proved that they shouldn’t or can’t, or until it’s too late. By not acting, they lose confidence, destroy their own self-reliance, and live in mediocrity.

(From “The Magic of Thinking Big”, by David Schwartz, PhD)

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So this leaves me with two choices:

1) try to predict and draw the entire map from where I sit now


2) grab a pencil and large sheet of paper and build the map as I go …

*** The second option’s scarier. At the same time it sounds like way more fun!!

And for the record, the Magic of Thinking Big is a RIDICULOUS read. If you want an injection of what’s possible in your life, please take it upon yourself to read the book. I’ll even make you a deal – if you read it and it’s absolutely of no value to you … I’ll buy you a coffee.



P.S. One of my favourite songs right now … totally relevant to this post – enjoy 🙂


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  1. Great post Kyle; love how you are taking the best that you are finding from all over the place – from great books and quotes, insightful thoughts from thinkers you meet with, to your own personal insight from your own life’s experiences… then adding a great soundtrack, and lettin’ it rip! You are not only a map-maker, but also the script writer, Producer, Director, and star protagonist in your own movie: “The Life of Kyle” 🙂

    Seeya on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!!!

    TF 🙂

  2. even if it takes forever and I never find out where it goes, I love this road. =)

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