Carlos Santana’s “3 Things” to Life

Great article sent to me recently by friend & colleague Miles Patrick Yohnke.

By Carlos Santana –
© 2007 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Your intention, motives, and purpose really define who you are. It’s not whether you’re Santana or Smith or Jones, or whether you’re Mexican or Hebrew or Catholic or Buddhist. I don’t think God and the angels see any of that stuff. They just see your intention, your motives, and your purpose. And once those three are crystallized and sharpened and are tuned into something, things open up for you – supreme synchronicity and blessings, opportunities, possibilities.

Everyone is destined to prosperity, to progress, and the keys that humans need to find are intention, motives, and
purpose, because that is who you really, really are. I’m surprised they don’t teach those three things in school. That’s the gasoline that you need to take you to the next destination, not all the other stuff. The other stuff is just dust. But for me, what I’m learning more and more is that those three things-intention, motives, and purpose-really define who you are.

For your chance to provide feedback on the future of Alberta’s education check out this blog. Thanks to John Su for letting me know about this.



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