About KMAX Entertainment & Kyle McNeil

Kyle McNeil is a  former band manager, now entrepreneur who sits on the board of directors for Alberta Music.This blog was created to share insights, epiphanies and learning’s with others, so they can use channel new ideas and advance their career.

  • December 2006 – approached by a friend to see if he was willing to help manage the band “Smoothride”. At this point Kyle had no music industry experience. Smoothride played nearly 100 shows in the two years Kyle was on board and played their final show as a band, at the 2008 Western Canadian Music Awards.
  • October 2008 – voted to the Board of Directors for the Alberta Music Industry Association.
  • January 2008 – company KMAX Entertainment comes to fruition, inspired by a nickname given to him by the band, that being “KMAX”.
  • June 2009 –  teamed up with Ariel Publicity a company from New York, who has worked with 1400 bands in the last 12 years. Ariel’s expertise is music marketing, PR & more specifically online campaigns and social media.

Kyle’s email is kyle@kmaxent.com and he welcomes your contact!

His other blog is here!

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