Treat Business Like Sport – Fearless

Over coffee yesterday a new friend, Paul Harding shared something that struck me, he said “I treat business like sport; I’m competitive”.

Just a day earlier I came across some old notes I’d taken at a course … one note said “the time in my life I was the most fearless, was when I played hockey”. Hearing Paul & coming across this note … two things merged for me.

All of a sudden “work” just became even more fun. Sport is fun. Also being fearless – living on the edge, that’s when life is the richest.




How Serious is My Focus??

Things I’m keeping front of mind, post call with Brandon Broadwater and wanted to share!

“The biggest killer of focus is that there is no structure” – “Coach” from Higher Laws

“When you do what feels right, more and more doors will start to open” – unknown

“Once you commit, the Universe will test to see if you’re serious” – Brandon Broadwater, Higher Laws

Key question to ask everyday, week & month, “what’s my outcome”? Without a focus, we leave much to chance.


Today Matters … It Builds the Future

Let one of the world’s best speakers enlighten us …

Weight of a Storm

My close friend Tim Francis, wrote this quote on a sticky note a number of months ago … recently it showed up again.

“If you want to enjoy the rainbow, you need to be prepared to weather the storm” – Sharon Higgins

Between the recent status of my dad’s health & the large challenges in life, this quote has recently taken on a much deeper meaning …

What storm are you facing? Know & trust rainbows are coming.


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Input leading to Legacy …

The importance of input into our world is so crucial. Brad Wolgamott who I’ve previously alluded to, discusses the input we receive (conversations, emails, radio, etc.) as being so critical because it leads to thoughts, then beliefs and ultimately outputs … or in other words our reality and existence.

More concretely this was the lineage he described …

Input –> Thoughts –> Talks –> Act –> Habit –> Character –> Destiny –> Legacy

The conclusion this leaves me at is … to be a “good little map maker”, one must feed the mind, body & soul with inputs worthy of the outputs I envision.

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Post RDC – 7 Books that have inspired me!

To Students @ RDC,

For those of you that have come to hear about some of my favourite books, hopefully you find value in this. Personally, these have been huge in shifting my perspective!

It was a pleasure speaking with you on Tuesday. Feel free to stay in touch – you can find me on facebook.

1) Tuesday’s With Morrie – the last two pages brought “water works”… and put much perspective on what life’s really about. That being people, relationships and being in the moment.

2) The DNA of Success – this book did a great job challenging my “dreams” and defining those which are actually mine. One message that really stood out was “are you willing to climb mountains & swim rivers to achieve this dream or goal”? At the time I realized that wasn’t the case in my life … acted on that realization … as a result the mountains and rivers I have climbed have actually been a lot fun … where as before they were daunting, painful & truly an energy void.

3) Rich Dad Poor Dad – at the core this is a book about the difference between abundance thinking and scarcity thinking. It also sheds light on common assumptions about what are the best ways to make money. Be aware you take your advice from … do they have what you want? Are they a living example … if not, find someone that is and learn from them.

4) The Magic of Thinking Big – amongst many lessons, one that stands out for me is “there’s lots of room at the top”. So many people assume that it’s hard to be successful, to lead … to inspire. When in reality, so many people are thinking that way, it’s actually easier to reach the proverbial “top”. There’s less competition at the top … and more in the middle where people are scraping away for mediocrity … thinking it’s the only way.

5) The Celestine Prophecy – I read this one recently. It speaks much about “energy” and those things we can’t see, but do experience … elements of the unknown and unexplainable. One thing it discusses is “the power struggle” and how people are fighting for power all the time, b/c they think there’s a scarce amount of it. The author suggest there’s ways to tap into deeper reserviours of power … and nature is a great inlet, with an abundance, a never ending flow of energy.

6) The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey is a REMARKABLE teacher and author. This book is a constant reference point. “Seek First to Understand, then to Be Understood” is as he calls it the most important principle. It’s often said: “people don’t care what you know, until they know you care” … well this cycle plays out even in established relationships. Seek First to Understand is powerful!

7) Relationships that Work (by: Dr. David Wolf – I’m only 30 pages into this book, however I recommend it b/c I’ve taken two of their courses and it has literally changed my life. Yes, incredibly cliche I KNOW! At the same time, it’s true. Much like Red Deer College’s tag line of “When you get here you understand” … a similar perspective applies. David Wolf (& Marie Glasheen) have been instrumental in my growth … and HUGE contributors in the ease, clarity & confidence I was able to experience and deliver upon @ Red Deer College, this past Tuesday. This book is a GREAT starting place if you’re looking for that type of potential.

Enjoy & good luck!

Kyle McNeil

RDC Alumni (2002-2004)

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Great Quotes!

Just had to share …

“Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don’t count.”
– Dr. Robert Anthony

“The world can change in an instant. So can the way you choose to see it. Why not choose to see the good in yourself and others.”
– Bob Perks

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Living like it’s your last day

Last Tuesday I had the good fortune of seeing an incredible motivational speaker! Amongst many remarkable things he shared, this stuck out … and everyone I’ve shared it with so far, has loved it.

He said: “Its not about how many breaths you take, its about how many moments take your breath away.”

Basin beneath Maligne Canyon Falls

What does this quote mean to you? What moments take your breath away?

This speaker then went on to say, “you owe it to yourself to have at least one breath taking moment everyday”. This struck a really deep chord with me. Two days before, I cycled 15kms up and back from the Miette Hot Springs. The whole adventure was breath taking! My friend Katie can attest to this experience for me, because I was yelled like an uninhibited child kid at least 5 times along the way. The beyond human feeling of tearing down a hill @ 50kms/hour, in one of the most beautiful places in the world does that to me!

Maligne Lake - Near Jasper

What about you? What’s your inspiration? What’s your breath taking moment today?

Just like the speaker said – “you owe it to yourself to have at least one breath taking moment everyday”. I challenge YOU to take on that challenge too! It’s different for everyone, so do something that matters for you.

Let me know how you make out. My email is … email me at any time!


Homeless Man – Eternally Changes My Perspective

Just last week I was fortunate enough to attend an event at NAIT. Arlene Dickinson, from CBC’s ‘Dragon’s Den’ was the guest speaker. She shared all kinds of stories of trial, tribulations & inspiration. There’s much more I could share, but I’m simply setting the scene for my meeting with Jim. You’ll find more about Jim below …

After seeing Arlene Dickinson speak, I joined a few friends for a drink at a comfy wine bar in downtown Edmonton. It was a delightful time as we talked about the normal things … ourselves mostly. What’s going well, what’s not going well, what’s wrong with the world & what everyone’s doing in the upcoming months & years.

We departed just after 11pm and walked to our cars. It was chilly early spring night, which included a brisk wind. As I entered my car a couple blocks north of the wine bar, I looked across the street to see a gentleman sitting on a bench. This gentleman looked to be in his 40’s or 50’s definitely settling in for another night on the streets of Edmonton. At that moment, I realized that in my bag I had a $5 coupon booklet for Tim Horton’s. I’ve been wanting to give this away for many months and this seemed like a great opportunity. I grabbed the booklet, headed across the street and politely said hello. What happened next is something I will remember the rest of my life.

We exchanged brief conversation and I offered him the booklet. He was incredibly thankful, in fact he said ‘thank you’ 4-5 times in the 5 minutes we talked. As I found out name is Jim and he’s from the arctic circle. I jokingly said, “you must find it kind of warm down here”. Jim chuckled and replied. “yeah and you couldn’t pay me $1000/day to visit Mexico”, an obvious reference to his preference for a colder climate. I appreciated his good nature and humour.

He then moved the discussion towards talking about optimism, hope and positive thinking. He didn’t just say the words, he actually live them, I could just tell. It was incredible to see this from someone who is, from all signs completely homeless. As we parted ways and shook hands he, thanked me for me gift (the coupon book) and asked if it was okay that he shared it. I said, “of course, I’ve given it to you and I want you to use it as you please”. He said with excitement, “great, I’ll invite a friend of mine for coffee tomorrow morning”.

As I drove away, I felt quite a bit of guilt. Here I am driving away in viechle that runs great and allows me to get around the city & province to see friends, family and do business. While Jim is confined to where his feet and the bus take him. I’m wearing nice business atire and he’s probably been wearing the same clothes for days if not weeks straight.

Hmmm … I drive home and start getting ready for bed. As I’m brushing colgate toothpaste across me teeth, something hits me like a ton of bricks!

I came to the realization that, if Jim can be optimistic, positive & friendly, that I have all the reason to be all those things too. My goodness, I have a warm place to sleep and a comfortable bed and Jim has a street bench, just across from The Business Link in downtown Edmonton.

In that moment I became incredibly grateful for everything I have (the friends, family, opportunity, food, etc.). It put things into perspective in a big hurry.

I wasn’t complaining about anything the night I met Jim, in fact I felt great. That said, I had a sense that things weren’t 100% incredible, only 95%. The reality is that they are 100% … I just had to get some perspective.

For that I thank Jim for his impact on me.

One last thing about Jim … within 30 seconds Jim and I had trust between us like we’d been friends for 5-10 years. It was amazing.

Here’s to you friend. Jim you’re an incredible human-being! THANK YOU!

Much respect,