Weight of a Storm

My close friend Tim Francis, wrote this quote on a sticky note a number of months ago … recently it showed up again.

“If you want to enjoy the rainbow, you need to be prepared to weather the storm” – Sharon Higgins

Between the recent status of my dad’s health & the large challenges in life, this quote has recently taken on a much deeper meaning …

What storm are you facing? Know & trust rainbows are coming.


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Life of Our Choice

I just love this … it’s straight from Miles Patrick Yohnke (see below), my new friend from Saskatoon. I’ve known you two weeks and you continue to expand my mind with what’s possible.

Thanks Miles and enjoy the read everyone,


P.S. Visit Miles site here: http://www.5-starproductions.com/indexframe.html and sign up for his newsletter … it’s a constant stream of great stuff.

Subject: Life Of Our Choice
Release Date: July 22nd, 2009


A new record time of 1:02. While cycling yesterday I did what I had hoped
I could realize someday. Break my old long-standing and hard to top old
record of 1:04. I write this as it is more about life than a time or even
me. Before I left on this 42.5km time trial I had an in-depth talk with a
colleague of mine from Edmonton. I spoke at length about being our best that
day. That time is life. Time is opportunity. Each second of time is
precious. The more you are aware of that, the more likely you’ll be never to
waste your time. As I cycled to my usual start line I realized it was a
beautiful cloudless day with zero wind. I found myself revisiting in my head
the words I had spoken to my friend earlier that day. And that I was going
to be my best. That a new record time was within reach.

With this new record time I find myself reflecting on my own life. How did
this happen? You see, I teach and mentor many of the most respected people
in the music industry including Los Angeles Talk Radio’s Sheena Metal, a Los
Angeles entertainment icon. Along with keynote speakers Bobby Borg [also
from Los Angeles] as well as Bronson Herrmuth from Nashville. And many more.

How did this happen?

At the age of five, I faced a tragic event. My father was killed in a potash
accident. By the age of thirteen I had been kicked, beaten, and robbed of my
self-esteem. I was bullied mercilessly thru elementary school. Only my
mother and my two older brothers had any faith in me. Nobody else saw much
hope for me. I had a learning disability that made it almost impossible to
read and write. Although through these events I became very grateful. As
it’s made me a homo-sapient. And one with great sentiment. It’s given me a
vortex of emotions involving vulnerability, pain, anger, hope, love, and a
lust for life. It’s made me a prize-fighter! Still wide-eyed like an infant.
Ever curious, ever seeking.

I find myself excited to share this because if I can do this anyone can.
Each one of us beholds a beautiful story to be told. Each one of us can have
the life of our choice. We just need to choose.

As always this ride is dedicated to Lindsay. My pain in cycling doesn’t come
close to the pain she is dealing with each day with her back.

Included is:
Time Of Uncertainty
[written the night before Lindsay’s first back surgery – Jan 20th, 2009]

By Miles Patrick Yohnke
© 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Beauty, like no other
She is the template of paradise

In times like these
I think of your being,
your beauty

In this season
life has reason

For you I dedicate my soul

100% power transmission is the goal pursued

I think of you
to capture a time
Surrounded by nature
Captivated by light
Captivated by your light
From a deep well of longing and need
intoxicated with those spirits, I push forth
Time 1:02

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P (306) 652 3898 M (306) 227 6379 F (306) 652 3898

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Creating Change – Balancing Discomfort & Hope

It’s always intriguing how at the right moment I’ll stumble across something in a book that resonates so deeply … and I sit in awe. Typically it provides relevant and current meaning or sparks one of those incredible epiphany moments.

This is one of those times … an excerpt from the book: “One Powerful Mind”:

“The must be a balance between discomfort and hope to prompt change. Discomfort generates motivation. On the other hand, comfort frequently generates complacency. When there is an absence of hope, there is an absence of incentive. Returning to the car analogy (reference to a car that’s breaking down), the discomfort arises once you become aware that there is a problem with your vehicle. The incentive (or motivator) occurs when there is hope that the car can be repaired. Ultimately you want to achieve a balance between discomfort and hope. There will always be a benefit to you personally”.

What shines through here for me … is the fact that in recent months, discomfort in my life has been growing and growing! In fact it has been quite stressful at times (which could be a whole other blog post). However I’m grateful for incredible friends, family, books & colleagues who’ve continued to inject me with hope and encouragement. In fact if you’re reading this blog you’re likely one of those people. Often times we don’t know the impact we’ve made on someone.

One of my best friends Tim Francis creates hope, opportunity & ideas as if it’s going out of style. Since the very day I met him, 5 years ago at the University of Alberta he’s been such an incredible leader. Naturally our friendship has grown higher and higher; we’ve crossed a lot of bridges together, climbed some mountains and even watched a rock band fall to pieces before our very eyes.

As a side note … watching something you’ve worked so hard on, fall apart was pretty tough … I wouldn’t recommend it!

Back to the matter at hand …

Tim has always constantly looked at himself in the mirror and asked the tough questions, “what do I need to do, to get grow”?. He’s pushing to get better and get better he does! He’s been nothing short of inspirational & motivating for me; I’d like to thank you for that Tim. It’s your fearless nature and desire to help others that will take you everywhere you want to go. Cheers to you Tim Francis!

To wrap up …

In my next blog post, I’ll share the dirt around my discomfort & hope. It’s kind of a “Kyle bears all moment”, well not in that sense, but you’ll see.

Until then … enjoy those breath taking moments!


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